Summer genius : Jeremy Glenn

The rising Toronto-based Jeremy Glenn is one of those who can produce something astonishingly chillin, something unlikely Breakbot can’t. His Ep released by FUTURE CLASSIC, on June 20, is just the soundtrack of the 2011 summer. First things first, take a listen :

New LifeJeremy Glenn

Actually, the first time I saw his name was in the tracklist of the Magical Tape 12 by The Magician : Perseus « Summer of 83 » remix chilled my head off, it was unbelievable. The same thing happend when I heard the original one. So cheap with this 70’s synth, and so orgasmic with his sweet and distant voice.

The release of New Life on Future Classic is definitely one of the finest tracks of the year so far. 


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Sleight of Hand pt. 1 & 2 / The trilogy of Malente’s label

As you may know, Malente, the german killer, launched a label last year called No Brainer Records. They got a pretty decent communication with nice artworks, covers and goodies (I saw a bag in Belfort just before Les Eurockéennes … lol ?) He already put the spotlight on Slap in the Bass, Rubix, Swick, Chaos in The CDB, Klipar and even himself with very dancing productions ! 

For Egypt, the big hit of Slap in the Bass, Thomas Savary created a concept in 3 part. He directed a short movie, split in 3 pieces, for 3 release, called Sleight of Hand. It also allows me to post this huge bass bomb that I had forgotten to share with you :

Egypt – Slap in the Bass

Now let me present you the second part of the short movie, for the new production of Malente and Jay Robinson collaboration. Since I heard this song, I cannot take this melody out of my brain I swear to you, it is pure dopeness. Enjoy fellas !

Klezzic – Malente & Jay Robinson

Peace & Love . Woddd

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The Weeklist XIII

Disco disco disco disco ! Summer vibes are now everywhere, and we can feel it into the recents released over the past few weeks. I will post soon a « Debut Summer Weeklist » with my favorites tracks for chilling during the summer. Bur for now, you’ll have to deal with those five tracks, very hard to picked, there is too much good shits right now. So this week sees the return of RTK, the new EP of Marble players and some surprise. Enjoy fellas !

The Weeklist XIII

This is it, it finally happend! The EP of Beni, released on Modular and called It’s a bubble is now out. I already featured The Magician’s killer remix of Beni’s new single “It’s A Bubble” and here’s Round Table Knights take on the track for your downloading pleasure. I have to say that I waited this one for weeks now (getting plays all over triple j radio) …. Beni’s debut album “House Of Beni” drops in September on Modular. Hey streetwalker… !

I  Beni – It’s a bubble (Round Table Knights Remix)

 Beni – It’s A Bubble (Round Table Knights Remix)

It’s really a beautiful return for RTK on the remix pattern, I really love that vibes, that sax which makes you warm inside. Let it grow in you, and don’t forget to dance.

Marble….. Marble. I don’t want to talk about it now here, in this weeklist because there is too much to say, a post will be online very soon, stay tuned !

II    Marble players – Let you go

I just have to say one thing : if you are not the happy owner of the last EP of Marble Players run on beatport and buy it immediately ! That’s exaclty the type of thing the whole world envy us, the french house spirit. Bobmo and Surkin touch is present everywhere. Let you go will make you chill over and over, I promise you. SUMMER ANTHEM !

Aeroplane is now working in the studio for his next release, out in September but I already talked about that. Today I present to you his all new remix for Processory.

III    Processory –  Nightfall (Aeroplane remix)

 Processory – Nightfall (Aeroplane Remix) low kbps extended preview

Processory is Jori Hulkkonen & Jerry Valuri and this rework is taken from the remix EP “Recovery Measures”, which is the first of 3 EPs released from Processory’s new album “Change Is Gradual”, due out May 31 via Sugarcane Recordings.

The sirens are so loud…. Nice little ravish remix by Aeroplane. Seriously this is a pretty nice one, perfect to warm up your summer parties.

Southern Fried Records released a second Compilation after the sucess of the first, with lots of quality tracks. The label called, so they decided to produce a track especially for this occasion. And what a track …. 

IV    Botnek – Panama Bass

 « Panama Bass » played by Annie Mac on BBC R1

Botnek is the kind of band which has no similar. For 6 months, they managed to create their own proper sound, the thing you need to be recognazable. At the start I couldn’t listen to their songs, it was too cheeky for me. But with Plonk, Dozer and now this shit…… DIG THIS CUBAIN DROP WITH A FUCKING CIGAR.

Discotexas is a pretty talented disco/house label, and I didn’t paid enough attention to this label at the beginning. That was a fucking big mistake. Indeed, with artists like Justin Faust, Xinobi, Publicist and now Lazydisco, this is a real gold mine for disco lovers. 

V     Lazydisco – More Tigers (The C90s Remix)

 Lazydisco – More Tigers (The C90s Remix)

I really like the original song, but the C90s took it to the next level of chilling. 4 :00 min is a beautiful orgasm. The synths takes you on the beach; the horn make you dance; the violon make you love; and the piano make you chill. What else ? 

Info : Justin Faust will be the next one to release an EP on this label and I am looking forward to it! Discotexas also decided to launch a new serie of Compilation called Bucket of Love for the summer. People like Moullinex, Zimmer, Rockets and Justin Faust featured on it. Stay tuned !


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Sermon / The clip

Watch the official video for “Sermon” by the Stockholm based quartet The Touch. Their new EP is out today on Kitsuné, backed with remixes by Chad Valley, Renaissance Man, Seekae, Cosmonaut and DJ Nibc.

Sermon – The Touch

 Directed by Robin Günther. Take a look on the Chad valley version ;)


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Roger72 , the half of TWR72

« You take me higher that I’ve never been babyyyyyyyyy »

Roger72 – You take me higher

 Rogerseventytwo – You Take me Higher

Rogerseventytwo is the name of an american producer, very popular since he decided to collaborate with his friend to create TWR72. He just released a all new EP on Fool’s Gold Records, label that needs no introduction anymore, A-track being the boss.

This EP called You take me higher is really aptly named. The main track is a disco banger tune, in the path of the Duck sauce productions. He took a fucking awesome sample and did a track with it. Soft, funky and really dancing :) Special mention for the remix of Brenmar, the kind of hip hop beats we want to ear more often.

Roger72 – You take me higher (Brenmar re-vision )

 Rogerseventytwo, « You Take Me Higher (Brenmar Re-Vision f. China)

peace. Woddd

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Strange beats and strange feelings

It’s been a while I know, but I just had a shitty week after Les Eurockéennes. For those who were here in Belfort, check this out ! Today I tried to gather different strange kinds of tunes I love. Hope you’ll enjoy it…

Feadz – 11 % acid

Feadz has always been an exceptional producer, but with this track, he reaches a all new level seriously. What the fuck happend in his mind to find out how to put together an acid/funky track, not so acid but enough to make you jump. Released on the Super Acid compilation of Boys Noize last year, Feadz continue to walk on his own production path. It also seems like nobody will stop this genius to continue to be completely drunk on the side of the stage during gigs, if he keeps being so innovative. Keep it up cool guy !

Lone – Moon beam harp

Lone is a strange producer. Being originally a Downtempo/beats producer, he was called by Boys Noize for his Miami Noize Compilation of 2011. That’s how I noticed his talent, with the track For Ed already blogged here. Also I decided to look a little more deep into his productions and I found a very trippy LP. Moon beam harp is a very sweet walk to the see, with a nice dubstep beat style. This piano is such a call to chill that you have to like it.

Jamie Woon – In the night air (Ramadanman refix)

Jamie Woon is a performer and a producer which I discovered very recently and to be honest, he is a fucking genius. Only a few singer in the actual mainstream musical industry can claim to be above him. His Mirrorwriting LP is simply the master trip into the wicked mind of his musical madness. And Ramadanman’s refix turn this sweet ballad into a piece of gold, very James blake like, with an atmosphere where you can feel the night air. Enjoy, lovers of beats

Flying Lotus – Computer face (String arrangement bu Miguel Atwood-Ferguson)

I won’t lie to you, to be honest I don’t know very much of Flying Lotus’ work, I just know that since their Cosmogramma album last year, they are very reputed into the hyposphere. With their own typical sounds so musical, this band even records with full orchestra !! Computer Face is a call to stand up and to take your girlfriends hips and dance during 2 beautiful and too short minutes. Be careful, listening to this song is dangerous for your heart.

See ya’. Woddd

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Some preview fellas

Like Phoenix and Digitalism who previously selected and mixed Kitsuné Tabloid compilations, Brazillian duo The Twelves will release their own compilation on September 5th.

the first gathers exclusive unreleased dubs of recent The Twelves remixes, the second offers a dj selection that compiles many of the duo’s influences into one full-of-funk eclectic mix. Check out the tracklisting below.

Kitsuné Tabloid by The Twelves

A Side:

The Twelves – Handshake (dub)
Munk – Violent Love (The Twelves Tabloid dub)
Zeigeist – Humanitarianism (The Twelves Tabloid mix)
Metric – Help I’m Alive (The Twelves Tabloid mix)
Two Door Cinema Club – Something Good Can Work (The Twelves Tabloid dub)
Black Strobe – Me & Madonna (The Twelves Tabloid mix)
French Horn Rebellion vs Database – Beaches & Friends (The Twelves Tabloid mix)

B Side:

Ratatat – Wildcat
Reverso 68 – Piece Together (Part 1)
Sasse feat Kiki – Loosing Touch
Chaz Jankel – Without You
Spirit Catcher – Rollercoaster
Siriusmo – Last Dear
Shit Robot – Take ‘Em Up
Pol Rax – For You
The Paradise – In Love With You
The Juan Maclean – The Simple Life
Alexander Robotnick – Problèmes d’Amour Demo (Fafa Monteco edit)
Daniel Wang – Echo By Midnight
Alan Braxe & Fred Falke – Palladium <3
Tommy Seebach – Bubble Sex
Zombi – Sapphire
Zongamin – Painless
Twin Shadow – Shooting Holes <3 

Azari & III, the famous Canadian house band will release their self-titled debut album on 1st August on Loose Lips Records. Azari & III’s massive hit “Reckless With Your Love”, along with the singles “Hungry For The Power”, “Into The Night” and “Indigo” will appear on the record. Azari & III forthcoming album tracklist is just below : 

01. Into the Night
02. Reckless (With Your Love) <3 
03. Tunnel Vision
04. Indigo
05. Lost In Time
06. Infiniti
07. Change of Heart
08. Manhooker
09. Undecided
10. Hungry for the Power <3 
11. Manic

And because I like you very much, this is 2 remix to make you wait :

  • Azari & III – Reckless with you love (Tensnake remix)  /MP3/
  • Azari & III – Into the night (Prince Language remix)    /MP3/

“Forever Young” is the first taste from Joakim 4th album “Nothing Gold” (that’s the cover art above), due out on September 20 via Tigersushi. He already gave us Forever Young, now it’s time for remix :

  • Joakim forever Young (Discodeine remix)     /MP3/

To finish, I am proud to announce Aeroplane’s first mix-cd!

For the last two years, Aeroplane has been carefully selecting the best of all the new music released every month to turn it into the “Aeroplane Chart Mixes“, gaining a lot of attention and a non-stop growing fan base on the internet, and followers on the official Aeroplane Soundcloud, with each mix getting between 30000 and 45000 plays and quickly becoming blogosphere favourites.

Teaming up with all his friends and producers from all around the world, he put together a collection of songs that have never been heard before, some of them being made especially for the compilation with, as usual, a lot of space for young producers. Aeroplane himself is rolling up his sleeves to contribute with an exclusive Aeroplane track. The tracklisting is being kept secret for now.  But one thing is sure, we will be sent into warm and sexy disco anthems and I look forward to it !

  • Bonus : Human League – Never let me go (Aeroplane remix) /MP3/

 Human League – Never Let Me Go (Aeroplane Remix)

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